Time is Ripe for True Quality, Value in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Consumers can rest assured they’re getting the real deal with Olisur Extra Virgin Olive Oils,” said Jay Rosengarten, President of Olisur. “As always, they can expect more than is expected: guaranteed fresh flavor, quality ingredients, and impressive value.”

Founded in 2005, Olisur has become Chile’s leading olive oil producer. Unlike other olive oil producers, Olisur’s vertically integrated production process is 100% traceable. Olisur owns and carefully oversees every aspect of the olive oil production process, from the farm to the factory to the storage facilities, enabling the company to harvest, extract, and store on the same day. This allows Olisur to guarantee the freshness and flavor of its product every step of the way. In addition, the innovative techniques Olisur uses from farm to bottle ensure its extra virgin olive oil is produced faster, fresher, and at a better value than its competitors. Super-high density planting, reliant on irrigation, allows for ten times as many trees to be planted per acre across the company’s 6,500- acre estate, located in the Colchagua Valley. Machine harvesting of the olives, using the same equipment that harvests grapes, avoids damage to the fruit or the tree.

Using “just-in-time” harvesting, Olisur picks olives at the peak of ripeness, pressing them within two hours of picking to minimize handling, prevent oxidation, and ultimately result in an extra virgin oil with an acidity level never higher than .2%. Lower acidity equates to greater freshness, and Olisur’s .2% easily surpasses Europe’s standard .8%. The result is Olisur’s 2-Hour Fresh Guarantee for every bottle of O-Live & Co. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These modern efficiencies also result in a more affordable, everyday price for the consumer.

The mild, guaranteed-fresh flavor, the traceable origins, and the reasonable price make it easy for consumers to make O-Live & Co. Extra Virgin Olive Oil a regular part of a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s added to salads, drizzled on bread or pasta, or used to enhance cooking or baking results.

“The dedication inherent in our O-LIVE 2-Hour Fresh Guarantee, and in our efficient and environmentally sustainable practices, is a clear indicator that our customers have always been able to, and will always be able to, count on our commitment to offering a 100% authentic, high-quality product and complete transparency in our processes,” said Rosengarten.